Monday, January 31, 2011

eM n eNt

hai ar u M n N.
i noe i ve done so many things wrong with u both.
just for u.this post been written


if i can.i just wanna scream through out of my lungs
to say that im really sory.
u have done so many things for me.
but still i cannot give my love.
its not because u ar not sweet,not beautiful,or else.
i just cant love u anymore.
i just cant give my heart to u.
i noe i always give u hope n u r willing to wait for me.
but it is not what i meant.
if i can turn back time,like u said,
i will make a differnt decision.ill not acting like this.
even u dun wanna know really sory.
my heart is crying for u.i dont want to do this.
i really dont have guts to say it.i just dont want to break ur heart.
but when i think,for how long i just wanna keep it.
it makes the conflict really sory.
i jst cant describe it how much mistakes ive done.
i really really really sory. i never meant to throw u away.
u r something big in my life.n yes, i love u.for some time.
myb its time to say this hard thing.i noe ull hate me for the rest of ur life.
this things really make me feel sick and terrible.
i cant focus on my life anymore.just sory can be sory.


i dont know what ar ur feeling now.but i noe that u have fall in love with someone.
but that is non of my bisnes rite.just wanna say that i really sory coz leaving u.
i know that its just a misunderstanding.but my ego is really hard to accept it.
just wanna see u happy again n hope u get the rite person who suits u.
im just a piece of memory that u should erase.n i have move on.
i can accept things not in love with u anymore.haih.
so hard if it is about heart.but that it.we ar not meant to be together.
im sory for all the thing i did and hope u get wat u want and have a blast year.

for both of sory coz entering ur life,give hopes,loving u,catch ur heart, n then leave u.
i am so mean evil.i should die.rite rite?
im really sory.idk wat to do to fix my mistake to u.just let me noe if there are some.
im willing to do.anythig.that make sense ah....
neway im sory again.only tears can accompany me for now.
hope u guys happy ever after.that all i wish..

im soryyyyy!!!


  1. i should die rite? rite? love those words.. hahaha chill bro ;)

  2. cik daus. cuba positif kan diri anda tuh~
    everything happens for a reason