Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Please Your Man

We know you wanna make your guy happy as much as you can, so we got experts to dish advice on how you can please your man. These tips are so simple, you'll be able to execute ASAP and soon your dude will be calling you the best girlfriend ever. 

1. Leave Him Alone
Not all the time. But when he first comes home from work, or when he's really stressed out about something, sometimes what a guy wants most is to be quiet and by himself for a little while. When a guy's lady recognizes this and gives him that space, he notices and is grateful. 

2. Let Him Be in Charge
Let's face it. Guys like to feel like they're in control. Try letting go of your need to be right (even when you probably are). Sometimes you just need to let him pick the route, the restaurant, or the movie without interjecting your "better" idea. This will make him feel like he's in charge and that you trust him. 

3. Give Him A Sexy Surprise  Maybe putting on lingerie isn't your thing. No sweat, guys don't need that all the time. But try going outside your comfort zone every now and then. Meet him out for a drink in an especially little LBD, or surprise him with some sexy underwear. He'll know you're doing it just for him. 

4. Lend Him an Ear  It's tempting to take control when your dude is in a rut, but pause for a second. Try not to solve his problem or tell him how you would do it if you were in his shoes. Let him talk, listen, and be supportive. Jumping in to fix rips his masculinity away, and puts you, instead, in that role. What he wants is some feminine nurturing, so listen, give him a hug, and let him vent. 

5. Make it Clear Your Want Him  You don't need to be overtly sexual to let your guy know you want him right then and there. Try subtle things like momentarily slipping your hand into his crotch during the drive home, or at a movie, or under the table at dinner. Him knowing how sexually attracted you are to him will please him like no other. 

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Dara Adeeyo | Cosmopolitan – Thu, Jun 6, 2013

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