Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter of Bad Time

Assalamualaikum and hye,

Everybody have their bad time right. Yeah. We all do. Like now, my favorite team, Liverpool in their bad time. But just in EPL. But at least they had won a cup and now in the final of FA cup facing Chelsea. Hope they can win it. Same goes to my Fantasy team. Team Kecoh. I am number 6 in the league where it is actually underachieving. So disappointed. With 3 matches left, i think it is end. I can't go any further.

Anyway, now is my bad time. It's not really that bad actually. But my head is all messed up and to much pressure now. And I think that is bad. It just like a heavy rock got stuck on my shoulder and head. I can't bear to lift it. I don't have the confidence in my decision and i am totally a jerk. There are something goes on in my life and it is a big turning point.

1st thing is I am conducting an event which is pretty big i think. United Accounting Cup. It is a sport event which is combining all the accountancy's faculty from all UITM. This is my largest pressure that i faced right now. Everything i do seems wrong. And all my decision is incorrect I guess. I'd do anything, I am all out, but thing does not go well so far. I don't feel the support from others and I've run out idea. I don't know the idea of doing this event is right or wrong actually. The problem will not settle until the event is over. Urgghhh whatever..

2nd thing is about my study. Yeah I'm a student and i should focus in study. And everybody don't know that I am really concern about it. Of course physically I look like I did not care. But deep in my heart, I am really worried with my development this semester. Adding with half of the semester is just past by, it create more depression to me. Lazy is the barrier. But i don't know how to cut it loose. Maybe someone have to push me or knock my head every time when I'm wrong. But who is that guy that can make me listen to him or her? I'm blank

3rd thing, I don't feel want to tell you. Just let me keep it by myself. What can I say is, it is complicated and hard to go through. I know you guys will say it relationship thing. But it is not. And i feel terrible because I'm in this situation. 

That all for tonight. Later then. Bye

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